Mindie Barnett, LPCC (2024)

Wellness Coach, serial entrepreneur, two-time author, motivational speaker

Former television news anchor/reporter turned award-winning and nationally acclaimed publicist Mindie Barnett is the founder of Executive Health by Mindie Barnett and MB and Associates Public Relations. She is a two-time self-help and leadership published author, mental health media contributor and psychology professional.

Credited with executing one of the most efficient divorces of all time, maintaining a harmonious co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband, writing two top-level books, becoming a highly sought-after motivational speaker, running a successful company, and maintaining a consistent role as “Mom” to two teens, Mindie knows a thing or two about defeat and how to prevail.

Armed with not only the skill set she’s learned from life but from her scholastic career as a Pepperdine University graduate student of psychotherapy, Mindie has helped dozens of women to pivot, earn more respect in the workplace, seek promotions and secure them, manage the roles of “partner,” “mom,” and “business leader” with more ease, and overcome any number of work and life conflicts. Her philosophy includes choice therapy and life coaching with a dash of dynamite.

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